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Top Twenty Carbon and Methane Emitters

Our systems are broken. Our governments, our leaders, the IPCC, COP26, and the media have all failed us.

Two years have passed, two of the five that remain to save humanity. We’ve worked terribly hard; but to be honest, have not accomplished what we set out to do. Effectively immediately XRA will move forward as a leaner, action-oriented organization composed primarily of affinity groups and chapters.

If we’re going to survive, it’s up to us. We need to rise up, we need everyone, to force our governments to tell the truth about the terrifying climate emergency, to encourage youth mobilization, to transform the life-destroying culture that threatens the Earth, and take action in accordance with this existential threat accelerating towards unstoppable.

We must put our differences aside and create inclusive masses of mobilized everyday Americans who engage in disruptive non-violent civil disobedience to save ourselves, our children, and our common future. Working together, we must compel our governments to do everything necessary to prevent the complete breakdown of Earth’s natural life-support systems.

If you landed on our website, you understand the stakes. Act now! Join us today! Become an Extinction Rebellion America activist and help save our future and our children’s lives!