Extinction Rebellion America is part of a global Extinction Rebellion movement.

We use mass mobilization and disruptive civil disobedience to force governments to act now to prevent the complete breakdown of earth’s natural life-support systems.


Coordinated actions across the U.S.


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We are part of a global movement which exists to protect life, both now and for future generations. Therefore, we feel compelled to prioritize public health, follow advice from scientists and doctors, and be mindful of the most vulnerable people in our communities. Because the COVID-19 pandemic, we won’t organize large in-person gatherings – including actions – until it is safe to do so.

However, there is good news! First, the pause in actions required by the pandemic gives all of us the chance to reflect on the fragile state of our societies, governments, and planet, and the importance of diverging from business as usual.

Second, we believe in the power of virtual organizing!

XRA plans to continue efforts to recruit mobilizers and offer online talks and trainings, with the goal of starting hundreds of new chapters throughout the US. We invite all rebels interested in regional mobilizing and/or chapter development to contact us here so we can be ready to launch with a bang when the time is right. Because sooner or later COVID will wane, and we’ll still need to rebel for life!

XR and civil disobedience

Extinction Rebellion believes the change we need isn’t going to happen unless large numbers of us engage in nonviolent civil disobedience. This means we refuse to cooperate with a government that has failed to protect us from climate breakdown. We promote this kind of nonviolent rebellion because we think it’s necessary, and we ask people to find their courage and to come together to participate. 

We don’t focus on traditional approaches like petitions, electoral politics, or writing to our elected officials. These approaches haven’t worked; our greenhouse gas emissions are still rising rapidly. XR is more likely to take risks, such arrest or even a short time in jail. We don’t want or need everyone to get arrested – for some this is not a good idea – but we do want everyone involved to support civil disobedience as a tool.

We promote mass “above the ground” civil disobedience – in full public view. We aim at economic disruption to shake the current political system and, sometimes, the disruption of the lives of ordinary people in order to raise awareness that we’re in an emergency. We’re deeply sorry for any inconvenience that this causes to folks just trying to go about their lives; we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t think it was necessary.

We are about political and system change, not personal change (although that’s welcome, too).

We are completely nonviolent, our actions are done in full public view and we take responsibility for them. 



On October 31st, 2018, British activists assembled in London to announce a “Declaration of Rebellion” against the UK Government, based on its inaction around the climate crisis. They expected a small turnout – maybe a thousand people or so.

The next few weeks were a whirlwind. Six thousand rebels converged on London to peacefully block five major bridges in the middle of the city. Rebels occupied major London intersections, and super-glued themselves to the gates of Buckingham Palace as they read a letter to the Queen. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” rebels chanted.

Extinction Rebellion was born. 

The call to rebel quickly became global, with branches popping up all over the world within weeks. There are now active XR groups in over 50 countries. Decentralized and truly global, each new branch makes the movement stronger, bringing in new perspectives, wisdom, expertise, energy and inspiration.



The XR America Vision of Mass Mobilization

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