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Our system is broken. It’s up to us.

It’s time to battle with governments to act now and tell the truth
about the terrifying climate emergency.

We must mobilize masses of people to engage in disruptive civil disobedience actions
rebelling against extinction and compelling governments to do what’s necessary
to prevent the complete breakdown of Earth’s natural life-support systems.

If you’re here, you understand the stakes. Take action now!
Become an Extinction Rebellion America Rebel.
Join our movement for transformative change!


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In 2021, the mission of Extinction Rebellion America is to sound the alarm about the fact that we’re facing extinction, and recruit thousands of people just like you to join the Rebellion for Life.

Americans are becoming more and more concerned about the breakdown of our planet’s natural life support systems and runaway global heating. Sadly, few recognize the deep urgency of the situation. “Climate change” has become just another issue competing for attention and support. Even politicians sympathetic to the cause discuss only what’s politically feasible instead of what’s necessary for the survival of life as we know it.


WE ARE FACING EXTINCTION. Failure is not an option

XR America is devoting 2021 to sounding the alarm that we are in a fight for our lives, and demonstrating that the best hope for the future of our planet is to build a mass nonviolent civil resistance movement to compel our governments to accept our Demands. With these goals in mind, we will:

  • Continue a program of creative, disruptive, consciousness-raising nonviolent direct actions, supporting people nationwide to organize actions of their own.
  • Recruit at least 10,000 new Rebels who will be ready and waiting to be called to mass actions. Rebels sign the Rebel Pledge, support the Rebellion for Life with a monthly donation, and attend an NVCD (nonviolent civil disobedience) training.
  • Raise the profile of the Rebellion for Life to a national level through effective community outreach organizing, communications, and trainings as well as creative and thought-provoking actions, events, and art.

Join us!

Our ultimate goal is to organize mass, nonviolent civil disobedience actions of such scale and strength that governments are compelled to meet our Demands

We know that, inevitably, a moment of whirlwind will come when enough Americans wake up to the climate catastrophe we’re facing that large numbers of people will be roused into action.

Those of us who join the Rebellion for Life now will be prepared to channel people’s love and rage into our strategic, disciplined, nonviolent civil disobedience movement, which demands a revitalization of our democratic process through citizens’ assemblies, thereby changing the course of our nation and supporting the regeneration of all life on Earth.


The XR America Vision of Mass Mobilization


An inspiring short film featuring Roger Hallam, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion

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