Extinction Rebellion America, Walk With Nick
Extincton Rebellion America, Walk With Nick

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We are the last generation

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Dear People of the Earth,

My name is Nick Vazquez, I’m 23 years old, and I’m mad as hell!

I’m done waiting around. Planetary climate collapse is now underway and we are the last generation to be able to stop what may be the complete destruction of human civilization and the Earths’ ecology.

Criminal government inaction and greedy corporate self-interest have trashed the futures of my generation. We may be the last — but we won’t take it lying down.

So on April 22, 2021, I’m beginning an 800-mile journey — on foot — through Florida’s  unrelenting heat and steam-bath humidity. I’m walking from Miami to Tallahassee to sound the alarm across Florida about the climate emergency. It’s over. There’s no turning back.

I am undertaking this journey to ask one haunting question: are we the last generation? Have we condemned our children and grandchildren to a slow, agonizing death just so a few obscenely rich assholes can get even richer? The. Last. Generation. Let that sink the fuck in.

I urge all good people to rise up with me to form powerful, multi-generational communities of loving, nonviolent resistance.

We are beyond fucked, so so it’s time to rise up and put power back into the hands of ordinary people before all hell breaks loose. Millions of Floridians will become climate refugees within the next few decades if we don’t act now!

Love & Rage,




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