On September 21, 2020, Extinction Rebellion America rebels across the United States will take to the streets in one-day actions around the theme “We Want to Live!” We will demand that our local governments tell the truth and sound the alarm about the climate catastrophe destroying our beautiful Earth and extinguishing our children’s futures. 

Our actions will be disruptive, beautiful, naughty, serious and nonviolent. They will be created by local rebels in the tradition of the great nonviolent movements of the past. We welcome everyone who agrees with our principles and values and wants to take a stand by rising up in nonviolent rebellion with us.

We have a handful of local chapters developing across the country you may be able to join in with. If there’s no chapter near you, you may still be able to help – and you may want to stage a small action of your own. In either case, it’s highly recommended (required, actually) that you attend a Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Training (click here to see upcoming trainings, and register!).

Stay tuned for more information on how to participate, and what happens!


Resources for anyone wanting to do an action XR America-style. Templates, guidance, media, etc.!

And this is just the beginning!

In October, local XR America groups will create nonviolent business-as-usual disruptions between the 17th and 31st around the theme “Climate Change Is the Scariest Thing You Can Imagine!” And on November 27, nationwide acts of nonviolent civil disobedience will hold surprises for all at Black Friday shopping zones.

Are you ready to join the Rebellion for Life? The time is now!

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