Tell us about yourself and how you want to lean into the rebellion!

We’re aware these roles are very important for XR America’s success and we look forward to discovering the everyday superheroes that will fill them for us. We are also actively fundraising and envision a near future when we may be able to offer living-expense stipends for these positions. Until this vision fruits, we are currently seeking volunteers, in the purest sense of the word. 

Here are some volunteer roles that we are seeking on the front end of our National Launch. Fill in an application if you’re interested in a particular role, or use the application to tell us what else you might have to offer!


Media/Video Production: Receives or records original content to produce clearly understood and appealing video material for the XRA YouTube channel in coordination with XRA messaging, Demands, and Principles.

Face of the Movement: Uses impactful stage presence, unstoppable courage, and the verve of authenticity to give the XRA Heading for Extinction Talk to online audiences in coordination with XRA messaging, Demands, and Principles.

Social Media Content Production: Creates original, engaging and inspiring content, or reframes shared content for XR America’s social media outlets including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. in coordination with XRA messaging, Demands, and Principles.

Blog Master: Find and curate content to post on the blog page of the XRA website at least three times a week. Soliciting or creating original content or reframing shared content to inspire people to stay engaged with XRA and support its Plan of Action, in coordination with XRA messaging, Demands, and Principles.

Comms. Platforms Facilitator: Moderates, onboards, orients and troubleshoots technical issues with XRA rebels with regard to our internal communications platforms such as Mattermost,, Basecamp, Telegram, Protonmail.


Fill in a short survey to tell us what role you’re interested in, and why you’d be a great fit for it!

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