Heading for Extinction Talks

The primary goal of the Heading for Extinction (H4X) Affinity Group is to educate, motivate and inspire guests to: (a) donate; (b) join and volunteer; and (c) to take action with XRA. Secondary objectives include enrolling guests into sharing our H4X, bringing friends and relatives to future H4Xs, and referrals. Tertiary goals include educating the public, raising awareness about the pending climate annihilation, etc.


The X4X Affinity Group designs H4X components; for example, an introduction, science section, what hasn’t worked section, human impacts section, etc.; components that can be utilized for different forms of H4X presentations; for example, in-person, at actions, and on-line.  The H4X Group also prepares instructive material to enable anyone who wants to conduct an H4X workshop to have access to relevant science information as well as presentation slides, etc.