The Global Climate Crimes Project

The Global Climate Crimes Project is an affinity group that will bring political, industrial, and cultural leaders, recognized as purveyors of climate annihilation, before the International Criminal Court (ICC) for Crimes Against Humanity. The Project has two phases.

The Phase One will move the Overton Window to the degree that the defendants are recognized not as leaders of industry or politicians, but as climate criminals. We will assemble a team of human rights and other activists from the Global South and Global North to determine those most responsible for climate crimes against humanity, and prepare a communication (complaint) to the ICC that complies with Treaty of Rome jurisdiction requirements, is legally sound, and factually persuasive because of supporting evidence prepared by a renowned international group of climate scientists. 

Phase Two will focus on the preparation of “copy-cat” ICC communications that can be utilized by local groups in the Global South and Global North to file complaints with the ICC concerning local men and women responsible for climate related crimes against humanity; and to organize mass nonviolent civil disobedience to halt climate crimes throughout the world.

We anticipate that both phases of the Project will be implemented within 18 months.


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