Double Your Impact on the Climate Emergency!


Who’s doing it:
An amazing Rebel Donor and you.

Here’s the deal: Anne — a mom, grandma and dedicated XRA Rebel — has stepped forward to help you act now to address the unprecedented Earth emergency facing us today. 

Passionate about our Extinction Rebellion America mission, Anne is sacrificing deeply to empower our goals of mobilizing everyone everywhere to help us survive the approaching social and economic chaos from climate breakdown.


How she’s doing it:
Offering you a matching gift opportunity.

Mind you, Anne is not rich. She’s just like us. She has children and grandchildren and sees the writing on the wall. So she’s stepping up to match — dollar for dollar — the total of all donations made to XR America, up to $30,000, from now until August 31, 2021. 

That means your donation during this campaign will have twice the transformative impact and twice the power to make a difference!

Why she’s doing it:
To mitigate the madness.

Our dedicated Rebel Donor knows there’s no time to lose. Just a few weeks ago, a hellish Heat Dome hit the Pacific Northwest, killing hundreds of people and an estimated one billion marine animals. Portland, OR, experienced temperatures 40 degrees above normal for a week. 

And just last year:

  • 20 terrifying tropical storms — over 2.5x the average number — caused devastating losses everywhere.
  • The spread of extreme drought conditions through the western United States seriously impacted our ability to grow food.
  • Bigger, hotter, more vicious wildfires burned around the world. In California and Oregon, wildfires aren’t seasonal anymore. In Australia, 47 million acres and one billion animals burned up in one fell swoop.

Yet our government continues to do nothing but talk. It’s insane. It’s time to act.

double your impact on the climate emergency:
step up to Anne’s challenge

Join Anne in this matching gift opportunity and become part of the XR America solution! Join the rebellion and become a partner in our unique, on-the-ground nonviolent mass mobilization efforts to address climate breakdown.

 There’s not a lot of time, so give what you can afford.

Help strengthen our communities to survive the existential threat we all face — right now — from climate collapse.

Act Now—rise up with Anne!


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