Humanity creates cooperative power structures. We can overcome famine, racism, and poverty with the power of cooperation. It’s made us the dominant species on this planet. But we are wiping out other species. We need to use wisdom for the survival of our ecosystem. We thought we were independent from ecosystem health in our concrete cities, but now we need to revive ecosystems within cities. How do we accomplish? Where do we begin?

In this pivotal time, we can choose what kind of humans we want to be. We need vision and solutions. One of the solutions coming to the forefront is a different form of organizational power. We are used to hierarchical power structures. The new power is lateral power, and it’s tremendously resilient, nurturing, and strong, once established. Because it empowers people, it is immune to corruption. In Lateral Power, profits are distributed among the many instead of the few. 

Extinction Rebellion models this power structure. XR advocates for Citizens Assemblies to tackle environmental problems on local levels. By letting communities work to solve their own problems their own way, we create buy-in, self-resourcefulness, and sustainability.

It starts with just a few committed people and regular meetings. Don’t wait for the powers-that-be to get it together. Create power structures within your community NOW!

As the climate changes, we will be better able to shift our communities into low carbon, more efficient cultures if we organize ourselves before crisis hits.

Lateral Power within a Citizen Assembly is a solution – practicing a new way of sharing power.

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