When we look at the effects that covid has had on Global Warming, it is interesting that even with fewer people driving and flying, there still has only been a 10% decrease in global carbon emissions. It makes us consider that there is more carbon coming from industry. And when we look closer at industry, we see that much of it is owned by very few people. These few people, let’s call them the Koch brothers even though there is more than them, are deeply entrenched in politics, banking, and manufacturing as well as agricultural business. It is all a hairball of entwined interest and socio-political control.

It is known that major oil companies had their own scientist that discovered the global carbon crisis back in the ’80s. But they chose to not only conceal it but to entrench their agenda in the Republican political party. Republicans have used propaganda to illegitimatize any reference to pollution and make it ‘un-American’.

The oil companies used their knowledge of global warming and sea rise not to change what they were doing but to just construct offshore oil drilling with higher platforms to withstand sea rise. It is staggering to think of the precious time lost with self-serving interest. 

It also is very clear that there needs to be severe divestment from these companies. We cannot trust them to hold the earth’s welfare in mind. They are making decisions on their own short-term gain and investment traditions. Everything the Koch brothers own is a problem – from oil, pipelines, plastic manufacturing, and paper products to cattle ranching and chemical fertilizers. It all needs to stop.

How do we do this? Direct action at the Banks. Chase bank is the #1 funder of the Koch brothers. People need to pull their money from these major banks and put their savings into small local credit unions as well as draw attention to the banks selling us under the water.

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