We see the solution. It’s right there – a panel and the sun. It’s so simple. It’s even cheap. What is holding us back? Simply, three major things:

  1. Big money keeps electric and oil companies in power. Powerful lobbyists, Representatives, and Senators who get checks from fossil fuel make sure green economy bills don’t get through.
  2. The Green energy market is expanding so fast it is hard for the industry to keep up.
  3. The public unawareness of how huge the problem is and how to advocate for it.

We must challenge apathy and change it to motivation. This is where the political world could step up the game, by offering incentives, grants, and mandating that new construction build green and significant rebates for homeowners and landlords to upgrade to eco utilities. Some states are doing this even against the oil lobbyist. Texas for example is leading in solar even though it is controlled by oil mongers.

However, the industry has not trained enough people. The solar industry is booming and working full tilt, and yet in California, which is the state with the most solar arrays, solar is still only 10% of total power generated. This is the industry within which to work. It’s hard, takes a brain, but it pays better than most trades.

Shifting our electric power sources as well as converting to zero carbon emissions, is a growing economy. We can all make a good living and save the world!

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