Change is inevitable. Global warming is upon us. It is no longer theoretical or in the future. It is now and will continue to grow into every niche of the world. The only way to work with change is to see it coming and be adaptable. That is when we are empowered. When we resist change, it becomes a wave and takes us down. We become at the mercy of change. But resilience comes from seeing the change as a part of our evolution and being able to flow with it and help shape the change that is bound to happen. The wave is already upon us. Get ready by learning survival skills, begin to address the many problems, surround yourself with good people, prepare for living with less, do what you can now, and keep watch for trends. After the collapse of our ecosystems and the extraction society, if humanity survives, the proactive fringe will be the leaders for the restructuring of a new environmental society based on healing the Earth. There will be much work to do.