Relax, life is abundant on this Earth. Even though the methane bubble dethawing from the Arctic soil is popping, sending up millions of tons of methane into a greenhouse cycle. Much of the present life forms may die but life on Earth will carry on. Don’t worry so much. In the big picture, it is all going to be okay for life on Earth – the Earth will continue to grow new and amazing life forms. It has done this sort of thing (extinctions) several times over. However, the Holocene Extinction, which is the one we are presently experiencing, is one of the fastest extinctions with rates 100 to 1,000 times faster than the natural extinction rate.  Humanity, with our skills in organization, began this extinction around 10,000 BC. Meat consumption, increased population, and city-building being the primary driver of the extinction. We have wiped out many plants and animals in both land and sea, mostly from habitat loss. We are just too dam, smart… and hungry.

So, like Billy Joel sings, we didn’t start the fire, it’s been burning since the worlds been turning

Extinction has been on our minds for a while, but we just can’t help ourselves. We love life. We just wanted to have one more bite of lobster, one more trip to Hawaii, one more child in our family, one last BBQ. We are having just too much fun. But this generation and the ones that follows us will witness the tragic end. We are the ones, and the children to come, who will suffer and feel the loss. And we will be the ones who will have to find real life solutions or perish. If we are so fucking smart lets figure out another way to be on this planet.  But prepare yourself, it won’t be luxurious. Extinctions are not pretty. Survivors of them tend to be adaptable, tough, and willie. Imagine eating cockroaches and acorns. If you can’t imagine it, you won’t be one of the survivors. But no worries, the planet is a living being and life will continue, with or without humanity.

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