In our anxiety, self-loathing, struggle, and confusion, where can we find sanity? It is important to feel all these feelings yet not let anxiety and fear rule our entire reality. Gratitude is the way to stay centered. It can be a struggle to be happy because of everything we know. How can we give ourselves permission to feel okay as the world begins to crumble? Rising above our guilt and disappointment, we must remember to feel gratitude for being alive, and this is where grace resides.

Gratitude for being able to live in this dynamic time is a gift. In the future, we might look back at this time and feel like this was the good old days when we had lots of food and traveled easily. If we Look back even farther at the long stretches of time, this battle is a long karmic arch that precedes this generation. It goes back to colonization, to even the building of the first cities. Our ancestors saw from the get-go that cities were devastating to the natural world which led to the biblical prophecy of Armageddon. We still carry this with us today. Yet, we can’t help ourselves, we love cities and build them add-nauseum. Our conveniences of today have been a goal of humanity forever – a way to make life easier. We are living the ease that our ancestors dreamed of and worked for, but now we witness the unforeseen cost.

In this normalized life of ease, we must wake up and realize that it is special, and it might not be like this forever. If we can shine the light of appreciation on our lives even when we know there are problems, we can move easier through the day to day. We can have a childlike innocence to feel wonder about this and yet also be adults and see consequences.

Residing in this pinnacle of cheap comforts, we must stop wanting more as an internal rebellion against pollution. We must balance and decide what comforts can be environmentally afforded and which ones must be discarded.  We must find the middle way. The real root of the shift is in restructuring our values. Starting this shift by having gratitude for the small things in our lives creates humility within humanity. But when we put the environment above ease, then we will be on the road to sustainability.

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