This update from Terry Rankin, a member of the Walk with Nick (WWN) support team:

Arrested yesterday, 27 May, for trespass in Fort Myers FL, Nick Vazquez and Donald Zepeda, the key activists in the XRA Walk With Nick action, were held in custody overnight for court today, Friday 28 May, per the letter of the 24-hour section of legal statutes for arrest and arraignment.

Optimistically, they may be conditionally released under strict limitations following their court appearance, perhaps including a cease and desist of the WWN action.

Worse, they may be held pending further investigation, based on suspicious findings of a search of their van (we don’t know THAT they’ve searched the van yet or intend to before court, but at this point, unless NV and DZ have been released and we just haven’t heard, which is unlikely, the overnight holding for court tomorrow gives the Lee County and Ft Myers city LEOs ample opportunity to do so).

Worst long-tail case, the WWN itself may now be under local (county and city) interagency investigation on suspicion of crimes ranging from the least to the midrange of felony charges. As soon as more information becomes available, more update will be provided. 


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