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In 2021, Extinction Rebellion America Actions will focus on building momentum, including:

Building Rebel Numbers – Recruiting at least 10,000 new Rebels, who 1) sign the Rebel Pledge; 2) support the movement with a monthly donation; 3) attend the Nonviolent Civil Disobedience (NVCD) Training. A regular program of NVCD actions complements mobilization efforts by attracting new Rebels.

Putting XR “on the map” in America – Doing creative, disruptive, and sacrificial NVCD actions to raise the profile of XR and the Rebellion for Life in America, and making sure these actions get exposure in social and traditional media.

Preparing to Organize Mass Dilemma Actions – Our ultimate goal is to organize peaceful, nonviolent civil disobedience in large enough numbers that our local, state, and federal governments are compelled to accept our demands. In the meantime we gain experience through planning and carrying out smaller NVCD actions, and we continue building the infrastructure and culture necessary to channel public energy into strategic, disciplined NVCD when the time is ripe.


Extinction Rebellion (XR) local groups are autonomous, but are encouraged and invited to participate in the XRA National Actions Plan as a way to amplify all of our efforts and learn to collaborate. It is always recommended that local groups:

Make use of our Actions Resources!

Interested in doing an action in your area? Contact us! [[email protected]] And check our calendar for our workshop “Design Your First Action.”

XRA 2021 National Actions Schedule


XR Everywhere – Make as many people in your community aware of XR and the Rebellion for Life as possible by widespread flyering, artbombing, street painting, or flyposting (putting up flyers in public spaces with wheatpaste). Suggestions:

  • Put up artful XR symbols on banners tossed up into trees and other inaccessible places.
  • Blanket your area with flyers, including a QR code that takes people to the xramerica.org website or one for your local group.
  • Flypost posters up in fairly disobedient, unusual places (as opposed to just on telephone poles, where they’ll disappear in with all the other posters).
  • Alternatively, put up flyers labeled “Take Me!” with blue, removable masking tape.
  • Create a stencil of the XR symbol and spraychalk it in conspicuous places (ideally following up with flyers connecting the symbol with more information). 

Rebel Sacrifice Actions – Dramatic actions done by individuals or small groups that demonstrate our passionate concern and involve personal sacrifice. Suggestions:

  • Sacrifice may occur in the course of the action itself, or it may occur before the action and be obvious because the action clearly involves considerable effort, preparation, expense, etc. 
  • A feat of endurance such as the Meditative Mutiny action described below, an extra long march, prolonged athletic feats, banner drops from inaccessible places, or one-person sacrificial arrestable actions. 
  • Consider the visual impact of the action; everyone has seen a vigil before and it won’t have much of an impact in and of itself. Find a way to make the action dramatic, taboo-breaking, and provocative. 
  • Consider doing a Rebellion of One; XR UK has developed impressive resources instructing you how to do this successfully as part of their 2021 Action Strategy

Example of a February Sacrificial Action:

Meditative Mutiny Against Climate Suicide: A 24-Hour Vigil – People stand or sit in silence or solemn prayer outside state capitol buildings (or local government offices) for a full 24 hours, regardless of weather. 


  • Keep the atmosphere of the entire action silent or solemn. Post signs around the perimeter of the action asking people to stay quiet and refrain from unnecessary conversations. 
  • Display clear, readable signage explaining the purpose of your action and perhaps also identifying yourself/your group so people don’t have to ask, and images shared in the media are self-explanatory.
  • Have messaging center around moral outrage and letting the government know we are watching their every move and demand radical action on climate, perhaps incorporating the XR eyes woodblock graphics?
  • Individuals may want to sit or stand inside a 6’ diameter XR symbol throughout. 
  • Document the action on social media, ideally livestreaming as well as pictures and video (time lapse for the entirety of the action would be awesome).
  • Contact officials associated with the government sites ahead of time about what you are going to do and assure them it will be peaceful and nonviolent.

Civil Disobedience, Here and Now: Live Zoom Call with Truth Tellers Chris Hedges, Kumi Naidoo and Roger Hallam

Climate breakdown will destroy civilization and decimate all forms of life on this planet within decades unless we take immediate and radical action. Don’t miss your chance to join these rebel troublemakers as they make the case that mass, nonviolent civil disobedience is the only thing that’s going to save us from extinction.


MARCH 27th

All-Invited Actions

Wherever there are sufficient rebel numbers, local groups are encouraged to plan peaceful, disruptive, nonviolent, all-invited direct actions. These actions should include arrestable aspects as size and appropriate back-up support allow. Ideally these will offer all levels of participation and involve all different levels of spiciness – stuff to engage the public, involve new Rebels, creativity, fun, etc. 


  • Start planning for this action now!
  • If you have the resources, arrange for an all-invited climate march and/or occupation, trying to maximize attendance and perhaps inviting other climate groups to come. Civil disobedience action might come at the end, with clear physical delineation so people can observe safely or participate. Let people know ahead of time if entirely optional NVCD will be happening at some point without getting too specific.
  • Target state governments if you can, otherwise local governments, demanding they declare a climate emergency or act on their existing declaration, plus add a more locally relevant demand they could (theoretically) act on immediately
  • Focus NVCD on disruptive occupation of spaces (roads, sidewalks, public government buildings) until law enforcement demands rebels leave (and then some may refuse). 
APRIL 22nd

Earth is Dying Day – Small, local, spicy, provocative nonviolent civil disobedience actions that dramatically call attention to the fact we’re in an emergency and doing more recycling isn’t going to cut it. These actions should include arrestable aspects as size and appropriate back-up support allow. Suggestions:

  • Taboo breaking can gain as much attention, if not more, than literal disruption; consider the optics of your action but also don’t be afraid to ruffle some metaphorical feathers.
  • If you have the capacity, make this action as spicy and creative as possible – let’s put XRA on the American map!

Schedule subject to change, check back for updates.

 May: No actions – month for regen & planning

June: TBA – XR Everywhere?

July: TBA – Rebel Sacrifice Actions?

August: TBA – National XRA Day of Action?

September: TBA

October: TBA -The Horror of Extinction?

November: TBA

December: No actions – month for regen & planning

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