In Nonviolent Rebellion with Roger Hallam, eco-journalist Chris Hedges talks to Extinction Rebellion co-found Roger Hallam about his recent book, “Common Sense for the 21st Century.”

Telling us that “The science is unequivocal: if we do not radically reconfigure our relationship with the planet then we and most other species will become extinct,” Hedges continues: “This extinction is not happening in the distant future, it is happening now…. Even if we stopped all carbon emissions today, the heat trapped in the oceans will continue to push the temperatures of the planet upwards for over a decade. In the face of this global emergency, our ruling elites have done nothing to halt the death march.”

Hallam, who has devoted his life to fighting climate collapse, argues that our last hope lies in massive civil disobedience to disrupt and overthrow the ruling elites and end our reliance on fossil fuels.

Watch this compelling video to hear Hallam tell us how we must organize and revolt to save ourselves and all lifeforms from impending death, hammering away at his foundational point that the most important statement about the climate emergency is its truth, which is obscured by even environmental movements: 

“It’s enormously emotional,” Hallam tells us, “to actually realize that the human race is facing extinction, not because of some conspiracy theory, not because of some sociological expectation, but because of the raw, basic geo-physics…. Suddenly over the last two or three years millions of people have woken up to the fact that these are our communities, this is our nation, and it’s all going to go. And I think that that’s the sort of fundamental emotional realization that’s required before we move on to the sort of dramatic of actions we need to undertake.”

Nonviolent Rebellion with Roger Hallam

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